Where Is Ramz Nic The Gbelemo Hit Maker?

Many ghanaians have been asking this same question.

Two years ago a young art broke into the ghanaian music industry with a hit song – gbelemo which he feature yaa pono. this same artist was featured on a particular song titled kanzo by dnf and yaa pono. many people loved the song because of the chorus this ramz nic guy gave that song.

This was followed by another gospel tune title nyame aye bi which he got the nkz boss on it. guru. this song became an instant hit. but of late nothing have been heard from him again. 

Has he joined the relegation list which include atom, rasheed metal and others ? it has been rumoured that he is the owner of a night club in accra by the name celebrities pub which has made him lazy to concentrate on his music but a close friend of ramz nic is saying a different thing.
According to him, ramz nic has almost twenty unreleased tracks with some of the top artists in the country and even outside the country but has refused to release them due to controversies in the music industry.

To confirm this ramz nic was called to clarify things and he had this to say  ” doing music in ghana without another source of income is useless, because as a musician without any work you can’t  take care of your studio recordings, pay for your videos to be shot and promoted. how can one do all these without any job? he asked rhetorically. he also emphasized that, music is his life and it is just a matter of time, the afro pop crooner will take over. 

He used this opportunity to talk about his unreleased tracks which included insha allah, a song he featured zeal of vvip, macassio the rappers jack and d flex who added some hausa flavor to spice it up.

He also spoke about a collaboration he had with one of the biggest south african artist but refused to mention his name. Ramz nic also talked about doing a remix to his hit song with stonebwoy.  he urged all his fans to have patience with him because this 2019 is a magical year for him. so lets see what the pregnant tomorrow will give birth to. 

People will do anything to maintain their standard after their breakthrough and we are hoping and praying that he does same.

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