“Support our craft” D Fizzy pleads with the African Media houses

Born Henry Essien a Ghanaian Singer and Rapper known in showbiz as D Fizzy pleads on the media to support fast rising African musicians based in the United States and also the ones out side the African continent.

Speaking with Bunna Empire an African music distributor, Talent management company, news agency and media agent, Fizzy expressed how he feel if the media from their continents nit really support their hard work.

He said “Great talents but no support not even from our own people until you become big. Why don’t you support us so we all grow together? Sometimes media institutions finds it very difficult to like, share or even comment on your content.

We as artiste are doing Music for our continent and people but not for ourselves or any selfish interest all we demand is love and support so others will also do the same for us. Unite and support us in all that we do so we will all enjoy the results at the end.

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