Zylofon Media’s Charles Nii Armah Mensah popularly known to be Shatta Wale who recently launched his REIGN album some few days ago at the Fantasy Dome inside Trade Fair within the nation’s capital which has hit the entertainment news chart for sometime, saying a loyal Shatta Movement fan one Mr. Sledge who is claimed to be a C.E.O purchased the REIGN album 150, 000 cedis which was more than the actual price of the album which was 100, 000.

BUT THE QUESTION IS, HOW TRUE IS THIS? (C.E.O purchased the REIGN album 150, 000 cedis).

Shatta Wale is one Ghanaian and International artiste who is an “ARTISTE TO HIS FANS & A FAN TO HIS FANS”, and for everything he has or gains he shows to his fans through social media.

With reference, taking a look at Shatta Wale when he had a beef with Criss Waddle he stated that, the money he had from each show and what he used that money for, and criticized Waddle of fraud for he doesn’t have shows but he frauds.

Also after he was signed by Zylofon he came out with another video on snapchat showing lots of dollars of which he made a caption to one as “Zylofon money”.

And also when he bought a money count machine saying he couldn’t count his anymore for it was too much for him to count he made a post on snapchat again of which he tagged as “Hand no fit count again ooo” and also showing lots of money.

Not long ago the self-acclaimed Dancehall King in his bed had plenty of dollars displayed of which he also posted on snapchat, which isn’t the only ones Shatta Wale has made showing money.

But the question is, “IS SHATTA WALE DECEIVING GHANAIAN ABOUT THE 150,000 CEDIS ALBUM PURCHASED” since there is no sign of 150, 000 cedis of the REIGN ALBUM purchase, not even when a picture of the cheque signed or the cash out made from the cheque.

Currently the dancehall king acquired a Mercedez Benz of which he made the public know about.



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