Share Opportunities For Upcoming Stars To Also Get Up : Mr. Eazi Advises Popular Stars

Nigerian singer, songwriter, and entrepreneur, Oluwatosin Oluwole Ajibade, better known by his stage name Mr. Eazi has in a video shared what can be termed as a very inspiring and thought-provoking message to already established superstars on how they can help rising musicians and other superstars too.

He uses his own ‘parable’ of how rich men in society relate with the poor to make his case.

Mr. Eazi establishes that the surest way for any good rich men (established stars) out there to live a life that is without any problems is to ensure that he helps bring up his poor neighbors (rising stars) up by helping them.

The Naija music superstar stresses that the rich should try and share their knowledge with their neighbors who are poor in order to have a peace of mind they deserve. He emphasizes that a rich person can never be rich unless he helps a brother or neighbor to also be rich. Mr. Eazi uses himself as an example, stating that he got where he is today by helping rising stars.

The ‘Akwaaba’ hitmaker in the video makes the point that most of the evil things which take place in the society are largely due to the ‘evil mindset’ of most rich men.

Mr. Eazi uses the instance of a where a rich man will decide to have an asphalt on the roads that lead to his house and ignore the other roads of his neighbors in a scanty manner. He adds that such rich men will also build beautiful houses and stay in with huge walls while the poor who live around them, will be staying in shanty houses.

He reiterates that these mishappenings in the society are what causes many causes many of the poor in society to become thieves, who end up terrorizing the rich for what they believe to be their fair share of what they (the rich) have. In essence, the musician tells his colleagues in the industry who are already big to help those coming up to avoid all this in fights.

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