Thursday, 16 September, 2021

Rev. Obofour Doesn’t Own Any “2020 Rolls Royce” Its Mine – Why Fynn

Rev Asanteman Obofour, one of the new breed of Ghanaian pastors who are richer than any supposed ‘Man of God’ has any right to be, has added falsely another expensive car to his already ridiculous fleet of cars which is not his

Why Fynn who purchased a 2020 Rolls Royce for the reported price of $920,000, which he had flown into the country, of which Rev. Obofour claims to be his but not, but rather Obofour was given a spare to ride.

Obofour already owns the 2019 model of the Rolls Royce, plus numerous other cars and mansions. For a pastor, he lives rather like a business tycoon, but not Why Fynn’s 2020 Rolls Royce, which is said to be his

Obofour, like many preachers, are fat off the backs of their congregations, living lives which would embarrass Jesus Christ himself.

Unfortunately, the masses see nothing wrong with this sort of excess from the preachers so it’s unlikely to end anytime soon.

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