Ratty Beatz – Stop Xenophobia (Prod By Ratty Beatz)

Ghanaian Reggae/Dancehall Artiste,  Ratty Beatz Has His Take On the Current Xenophobic Attack happening In South Africa.

Xenophobic Attack In The SA Initially Started In The Year 2000,Since Then The Attack is prone to happen at any point in Time.

One will ask, “Why Would South Africans Being Beating and Killing Foreign Nationals Residing There?”

Well, Their Main Reason For this Barbaric act is Intangible, as They Claimed Foreign Nationals Residing In SA Is Taken Over their Businesses and Other Social Benefits.

Blacks Killing Blacks Should Be the Last Thing we should be witnessing in this 21st Century. Therefore, African Leaders Should Immediately Act Upon and Subdue this Uncivilized Xenophobic Attacks.

Listen to the song by Ratty Beatz  Performing, Stop Xenophobia Below don’t forget To Share. Let the World See This…


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