Patapaa’s Face Reminds Me Of My Dead Goat – Fancy Gadam

Patapaa and Fancy Gadam have been at each other’s neck after the latter won the award for the popular song of the year at the Vodafone Ghana Music Awards.

Patapaa who felt cheated that he deserved that award threw several jabs at the organizers and Fancy Gadam.

Its been jabs after jabs between the two artists after the VGMAs.

Not long ago, Patapaa took a swipe at Northern’s finest artist, Fancy Gadam.

According to the one corner hitmaker, Fancy Gadam is not talented and that he should stop music and rear cows.

However, an infuriated Fancy Gadam reacting to Patapaa’s comment about him said that he will never stop music and rear cows because he has never ‘ate’ beef meat before.

“I have never chopped cow meat before. How then do I become a Fulani man? I don’t really get him at all. So who really deserves to stop doing music?” he said

Fancy Gadam also revealed in an interview on Northern TV that anytime he sees Patapaa’s face, he weeps because he reminds him of his dead goat.

According to Fancy Gadam, his dead goat looked exactly like Patapaa.

“I had a goat which looked exactly like Patapaa. My sister, anytime I see Patapaa, it reminds me of the goat and makes me to cry for a longtime.” he disclosed.

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