Wednesday, 19 December, 2018

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Meet Zambia’s most uprising star Mwitwa Mpenge Aka Dipsy Biography.

Mwitwa Mpenge Aka Dipsy Zam Is A rapper/Songwriter/model Affiliated To GwapMusic.

Dipsy kicked off his Music Careers in December 2009 when he first recorded his first Song Titled always love Produced by The legendary Jimmy over over,This song Made Air waves For 2 months on the Zambian Radio stations he went On Break For 6 years and later In 2015 He Restarted His Career after Getting Signed To GwapMusic On August 17th working in silence
He later on put out songs Such as Pablo And Selelako produced by Tino and Cream dollar,The artist went on a 2 years Break due to educational reason But he is yet back With 3 fire songs which include Unstoppable, Emergency call and Birthday suit the songs are currently still On Market and are Trending Africa wide n in other Western Such As Swiss And Canada

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