Joyce Dzidzor Mensah Former AIDS Ambassador Stabs Herself To Death

We have seen a video of Joyce Dzidzor Mensah which suggests that she has committed suicide but it has not be confirmed as some have tagged it as fake as she is well noted for that.

In the video which has fast gone viral, the indecisive and inconsistent former AIDS commissioner was seen lying in a pool of blood with a knife stuck in the lower part of her abdomen which suggested that she has committed suicide.

The video has however caused an uproar on social media as there are mixed reactions on social media.

According to information reaching us, it is a stunt for a movie although it has not been officially confirmed.

From the video, many have concluded that, the whole scene looks orchestrated and that it looks to be a scene of a movie.

We are not shocked that Joyce is pulling up such a stunt like this as she is good at doing that.

Recall that she ‘fooled’ the whole of Ghana when she threatened to commit suicide but came out to say that it was just a stunt.

Indeed Joyce is consistently inconsistent and we are not surprised.

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