Tuesday, 28 September, 2021

Frema Ashkar hails lady in ‘kitchen stool’ sex video

Frema Ashkar, Manageress of Ghanaian music star, Kwabena Kwabena has hailed the young lady who got bonked on a kitchen stool by the former headmaster of .

According to her, she tried the kitchen stool sex position during one of her sexual encounters but could not maintain her position and has indicated that she respects the young lady who could maintain her position for over three minutes.

Frema who was speaking to Accra-based Kasapa FM in an interview said “For experiment sake, I decided to try and position myself to see but I couldn’t… Oh!! I have respected the girl because sustaining your position on the stool alone is difficult. ” Frema told host Gattuso.

She added: “Girls with the name Priscilla are known for engaging in questionable lifestyle…just try and remember any Priscilla you know, you will realize there is a question mark somewhere”.

The Kitchen stool sex position became popular after a video of a female student and a headmaster engaging in sexual bouts went viral on social media. The video ignited a challenge and got users of several social media platforms to start a challenge known as the kitchen stool challenge.

Through the popularity of the kitchen stool then, a Ghanaian developed the Istool which has modernized features.

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