Has E.L’s WAV Album Ended Up in The Trash Bin?

I was personally excited when i saw a tweet of E.L concerning a new album titled “West Africa Vibes” (WAV). Oh yeah, i am a proud ELien, with new music being an inspiration always, then an album means Heaven to me. Been waiting since Lord knows when but well it seems the album has ended up in the trash bin. You might be offended by this but yes i will say it again, the WAV album might just have ended up in the trash bin.

On a Facebook live video, i remember the Best African Rapper (BAR) E.L making mention of album dropping in October. Also in July, he even said it on Live Fm exclusively which is an Accra based radio station and thanks to be being a loyal follower made an update on Facebook. Took time to check E.L’s twitter timeline today and what i see is something about BAR 4. Bar 4 s3n? What happened to all the announcements and exclusives about the WAV album? Maybe this tweet will substantiate this issue of a BAR 4 album.

Is his team even working at all, because i do remember something about him saying he has sacked his team members? BBnZ got their own thingy coming up and don’t even want to believe this BAR 4 thingy cos it might not even happen just like the WAV album. E.L we beg wae, if the album won’t come, let’s enjoy the singles like that wae, afterall i am cool with “Overdose”. Mada kraaa.

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