Doctors declare Peace Hyde won’t able to move for 3 months after an accident

The media personality is currently based in Nigeria, where she works with the African arm of Forbes, as the head of Digital Media and Partnership as well as the West African Correspondent at Forbes Africa.

According to Peace, she suffered a bad accident at the past weekend, which Doctors now say that she can’t move for 3 months due to a grade 3 Ligament torn. Peace Hyde shared her plight via an Instagram post.

The social activist and media entrepreneur, has, however, not stated what accident exactly she was involved in. Nevertheless, we wish her speedy recovery.

Read an excerpt from her post below.

If THIS POST pops up on your timeline leave a short POSITIVE message for me! To the BEST weekend of my journey so far (…wait on it fam!) which ended in the WORST way. I had a BAD accident and ended up with Grade 3 Ligament Tear in my right leg‼️‼️ Yes, I am a PROFESSIONAL clumsy person⁣! Lol! The doctor said I won’t be able to MOVE for the next 3 months! That’s 12 weeks of TIME LOST! 2016 hours! 120,960 minutes! **Sobs!** This accident reminded me that NO JOURNEY is perfect… no one SEES what happens to you BEHIND closed doors. It was a BIG wake up call!

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