Blackstarx Is The Best Afro Pop Duo In The States

Let’s be honest,  we african do not give our stars the flowers they deserve while they are still among us and this case is no different.  
The love and respect  for Blackstarx’s songs and amazing visuals and how consistent they have been over the years is long overdue.  

Releasing hit songs like Agama, Rihanna,  Catalina to Black Barbie Doll, Blackstarx never fail to deliver for their fans.  MTV base wrote an article about the pair quoting “The Duo That’s Taking Over The USA” back in 2018.  Blackstarx won the best afro pop duo in Arizona and also winning the best song of the year “catalina ” in 2019 with Togo Cultural linkup.  

The Togo/Ghana/Sierra Leon duo is back with another banger  titled “heard em say”. The video was shot in the snow mountains with nice fur coats and   beautiful women  dancing and drinking champagne.  And all of this is a taste for their anticipated album coming later this year. #noted 

Ok, maybe calling them the best afro pop in the diaspora is a stretch but they are definitely worth the listen.  

And maybe it’s because I have  been a long time fan and I follow their journey from how far they have came and all the progress they have made. So if you haven’t checked them out, please do and form your own opinion.  Ladies and gentlemen I present Blackstarx. 


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