Akufo-Addo Extends Ban On Public Gatherings By Two Weeks, Effective Tomorrow

President Akufo-Addo by an Executive Instrument has extended the initial one-month ban on public gatherings including religious activities and funerals by an additional two weeks.

According to the Director of Communications at the presidency, Eugene Arhin the public gatherings extension takes effect from Monday, 13th April, 2020.

“President Akufo-Addo has signed the Executive Instrument (EI) extending the duration of the restrictions imposed under EI 64 and EI 65.

The restrictions imposed on gatherings, under EI 64, have been extended for a further period of two (2) weeks, with effect from Monday 13th April, 2020,” Eugene Arhin said in a Facebook post.

Meanwhile, There are two countries in Africa that have not recorded a COVID-19 case as of April 11 2020.

COVID-19 case: 52 African countries have officially recorded COIVID-19 cases. The death toll in Africa is itching toward 700 whiles recoveries also exceeds 2,000 where as total cases in Africa nearly reaches 13000. 

The only region with virus-free countries being southern Africa where Comoros and Lesotho have yet to confirm cases. Sao Tome and Principe in Central Africa officially recorded cases on April 6 2020 thereby becoming the 52nd African country

COVID-19 case: Africa’s statistics as at April 11

Number of deaths = 695
Recoveries = 2,147
Infected countries = 52
Virus-free countries = 2 (Lesotho, Comoros)

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