Akuapem Polo lied and duped me – Jeff

A very faithful fan of Rosemond Brown also know as Akuapem Polo, Jeff have said on social media that Akuapem Polo has duped him with a payment made to her for appearance and hyping of his program Titled FinishLine Pool Party.

Jeff who is new in the entertainment industry and is an event organizer, few days ago having a chat with Akuapem Polo stated in an agreement with her that, she will record a viral video to trending his program and also Akuapem Polo would have to be present at the program, but there was a breach of contract where Miss Rosemond Brown only made a viral video, but didn’t show up at the event.

Evidence showing there was a deal made between this two was that Rosamond Brown recorded the video for the trending of the event and also said in the video she would be there to swim.

she said in the “Hello guys yes as you know this is Rosamond Brown, aka Akuapem Polo, on the 7th June inside Tripple Hills Hotel, hmmm, its going to be fire, because it’s a pool party! pool party ooo. And if you want to see my sexiness in swimming costume, then you have to rush, run and come, inside triple hills hotel, come and let’s laugh and have fun, and kiss you know daada, i will twerk for you”

Continuing with her stated she made in the trending video, she said “Go and get your dress, your hair, your hills, that is for the ladies, and the gentlemen, please look cute, your hair let it go down, look handsome, because mmbaaa b3baa ooo.” and she ended by saying “i love you guys, kiss kiss mwaah, edgy pain youuuuu.” as she always says.

Showing with Mr. Jeff’s evidence of proof there was an agreement that she would be present and she also stated that she would be in the video she made.

Funny enough, after the long wait by her fans and people who was present at the event and she didn’t make it, she went on to send Mr. Jeff a voice message on whatsapp with her friends saying “Sika nu ye3 dii” meaning the money has already been spent, as Mr. Jeff and his team tried to reach her for a refund.

And with an advice from friends and team members of Mr. Jeff who told him to make a complain to the police, where he made a report to the Amasaman District Police Station.

Mr. Jeff also said an Officer phoned Akuapem Polo and she boldly told them she was at a shoot and she doesn’t know when to report herself to them.

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