A Fan questions Edem

Open Letter to Edem, not Ayigbe Edem

So the last time I wrote something to you, your name was Ayigbe Edem. You had this look on your face that made me think, why won’t he smile, or rather, can’t he smile a bit? And sometimes, I just thought, well, maybe he really cannot smile. That frown look has taken up his face!

The locks on your hair were shorter. You had those seeming bigger clothes on. Well I guess they were the clothes of the time. You never left the frown behind no matter where you were or who was interviewing you. But your music!

I never understood anything you said. I often felt I had let myself down because I grew up with some Ewe neighbors. I learnt communal eating of akple, banku and spicy ground pepper alongside abobitadzi with them but the language just never rested in my head. I guess at the sight of food, nothing else matters. Oh I’m now a super fan of banku, okro stew or soup and the light soup as prepared by Ewes. Ademe and bokoboko soup have become an all time favorite. Oh Lord I can’t be talking about food without the mention of tilapia. I have painful issues with anyone who leaves the head of the tilapia in any way aside the bones that cannot be put together by the most intelligent archeologist! See how I digress. Let me just add that the few travels I have made within the country tells me Volta Region is a gem. I love the coolness of my Bono Ahafo but Volta is a gem anyday! Digression still. Okay. Snap!

Aha so the Ayigbe Edem gave way to Edem. I think it affected the persona as well because the frown relaxed and eventually, some smiles showed up on your face. Your music hasn’t changed much though.

Music. Hip Hop. That is what you do. All those bars and notes converging to form such rhythm. The language is still not understood by me but good music is good music and so I’ve learned to enjoy your music. Your music videos have been awesome as well. Some have been spooky for me though because, well, I am someone who won’t watch a juju scene in a Kumawood movie. My level of getting spooked is pretty high and not exactly normal. Laugh at me, you may. 😉

I witnessed you did a book tour of sorts, then I heard of Edemfest too. I have followed your progress on social media and you keep soaring.

I am anticipating your next music. Should I expect singles released back to back, or should I expect a whole album as you have been quite consistent with album production? Whatever it is, I am waiting, and hopefully, there will be Edem with an even brighter smile and music to get me doing all my virtual dance moves.

I tell you no lie. The way I can dance in my head while seated eh? Except they all gets lost and I miss all my steps when I’m standing. Yet I believe I will get better someday with dancing, just like you will hopefully keep soaring and soaring and soaring.

When is the next music hitting me please?

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